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"what state do you live in?"

constant anxiety

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Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5

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I was just watching ABC News and they were talking about “Binge” watching TV Shows on Netflix and they explained

"Binge watching is defined as watching at least 3 episodes in one day."

Awww, how cute

I’ve finished entire seasons in a day…

*tumblr collectively laughs*

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Just got my package for my hair ! I wear weave all the time and I cannot afford for it to look cjappy everytime i work out 💪 if you want reviews I’ll let you guys know :)

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Scream (1996, Wes Craven)

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Shameless (US) » Masterpost
I’m getting a lot of requests for episodes links, so I decided to make a shameless masterpost, so everyone who wants to watch the show could enjoy it. I remember that someone already made shameless masterpost, I just can’t seem to find it, so here’s another one ! :)
*If one of the links ain’t working, let me know and I’ll fix it.
*When Season 5 starts, I’ll update this post.
*If you have any question, I’m here!
*UPDATE- I added 1 more link to each episode (in the [x]) + I also added download links for full seasons on torrent (at the end of the post)
Season 11x01 “Pilot” [x] 1x02 “Frank The Plank” [x] 1x03 “Aunt Ginger” [x] 1x04 “Casey Casden” [x] 1x05 “Three Boys” [x] 1x06 “Killer Carl” [x] 1x07 “Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband,  Devoted Father” [x] 1x08 “It’s Time To Kill The Turtle” [x]1x09 “But At Last Came A Knock” [x]1x10 “Nana Gallagher Had An Affair” [x]1x11  “Daddyz Girl” [x]1x12  “Father Frank, Full Of Grace” [x]
Season 22x01 “Summertime” [x]2x02 “Summer Loving” [x]2x03 “I’ll Light A Candle For You Every Day” [x]2x04 “A Beautiful Mess” [x]2x05 “Father’s Day” [x]2x06 “Can I Have A Mother” [x]2x07 “A Bottle Of Jean Nate” [x]2x08 “Parenthood” [x]2x09 “Hurricane Monica” [x]2x10 “A Great Cause” [x]2x11 “Just Like The Pilgrims Intended” [x]2x12 “Fiona Interrupted” [x]
Season 33x01 “El Gran Cañon” [x]3x02 “The American Dream” [x] 3x03 “May I Trim Your Hedges?” [x]3x04 “The Helpful Gallaghers” [x]3x05 “The Sins Of My Caretaker” [x]3x06 “Cascading Failures” [x]3x07 “A Long Way From Home” [x]3x08 “Where There’s A Will” [x]3x09 “Frank The Plumber” [x]3x10 “Civil Wrongs” [x]3x11 “Order Room Service” [x]3x12 “Survival Of The Fittest” [x]
Season 44x01 “Simple Pleasures” [x]4x02 “My Oldest Daughter” [x]4x03 “Like Father, Like Daughter” [x]4x04 “Strangers On A Train” [x]4x05 “There’s The Rub” [x]4x06 “Iron City” [x]4x07 “A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin” [x]4x08 “Hope Springs Paternal” [x]4x09 “The Legend Of Bonnie And Carl” [x]4x10 “Liver, I Hardly Know Her” [x]4x11 “Emily” [x]4x12 “Lazarus” [x]
Season 55x01 “Nectar of the Gods” [x]5x02 “I’m the Liver” [x]5x03 “The Two Lisas” [x]5x04 “A Night to Remem— Wait, What?” [x]
Download full seasons [on torrent]:season 1season 2season 3season 4